Malina claire


Elegant and alluring, Malina Claire invites you into her most vulnerable, darkest mindsets. With a  taste for all things orchestral and introspective, she approaches her music with the the poeticism of Leonard Cohen, the emotion of Fiona Apple and Elliot Smith’s knack for minimalism and great storytelling. Let her take you through her hardest moments, her inklings of hope and everything in between on her journey for self-discovery, emotional recovery and truth.

Formally known as Emily Jane, Malina re-emerges after the release of her ‘Behind Closed Doors’ EP. Centring around the issues of Domestic abuse, sexual violence and mental health, Malina has never been afraid to share her darkest moments, thoughts and feelings. Single 'Behind Closed Doors', also made it to #13 Most Played on 4ZZZ on the week of its release as well as debuting at #66 on the triple j Unearthed charts. Follow-up track ‘Yesterday’s Coffeealso found success, making the staggering leap from #100 to #44 on Unearthed in the matter of only 1 week! Malina promises to continue this theme of honesty and vulnerability, beginning the second chapter of her journey with new single ‘Darling’, recounting the doubts and fears of re-discovering love after abuse.